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In the current situation the clinic is sadly closed until we are given permission to open again.  However, I am able to offer online sessions at a special rate of £25 for the month of April to anyone who would like help using techniques such as CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Method), Universal Method, guided acupressure, home moxa strategies, Sotai Exercises, Pilates Exercises, dietary advice. 

Take Control of your Well Being

Symptoms can creep up on us and then one day, we just don't feel like our old selves anymore.  Acupuncture treats many different symptoms and situations which can be physical, mental or emotional.  

Please call or email to discuss your own symptoms and see if acupuncture

can help.



What to Expect

Online, sessions will last up to 1 hour.  We will work collaboratively and please expect to do some work independently between our sessions.  This dramatically increases the positive outcome of the therapy.

Whilst the clinic is closed, CBT  or other modalities will be carried out online or on the phone. There is currently a special rate of £25 per session whilst we are on lock-down.


The first session lasts 1.5 hours and involves a consultation and treatment.  Subsequent  treatments last up to 1 hour.

Does it Hurt?

Treatments may or may not involve inserting needles.  All styles of treatments will be discussed with you at the consultation and different methods can be used to make you as comfortable as possible

Can You Treat Children?

A Japanese style of treatment called Shonishin involving no insertion of needles is used with children.  They often enjoy the treatment and great effort is used to put them at ease at all times. 


First Consultation £66

Subsequent Treatments £46